Final Fantasy 13 Does Not Give Me Hope

This game did turn out to be surprisingly more of a hallway than I had imagined from other people’s reviews, but that simply isn’t a problem if a game still delivers in other things, to MY taste, like in gameplay, music, story and characters. But… it doesn’t.

Final Fantasy XIII is like Super Mario Bros
(with some adjustments) by guest author: @leaf55
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Five Films You Might Like if You Enjoyed Deadpool

So, have you all seen the new Deadpool movie? Pretty rad, right? Makes you want more doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there won’t be a new sequel for a at least a while. Even with rumors of the next Wolverine film being R-rated, that’s still not quite Deadpool material; he’s unique. In order to be that, you need a solid mix of action, comedy, drama, and a complete disregard for the art of modern filmmaking. Here’s a list of movies you should see if you enjoyed your favorite foul-mouthed anti-hero and are hungry for more.

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Late to the Party: Need for Speed Rivals & The Crew

Hey everyone, the new Need for Speed reboot just came out, and so far reviews are spectacular. What could be a better way to celebrate by talking about the last game and its competitor? I was recently able to obtain both Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition and The Crew: Non-Complete Edition for a pretty decent price. It’s been close to a year since Crew came out, and much much longer since NFS:R launched. Both of these games feature a sort of MMO-lite element similar to Destiny where you get to play on a map that’s occupied by other players you may or may not encounter, and may or may not bother interacting with. How do they hold up to newcomers? Is their multiplayer community still thriving? Let’s start off with the old one.

Need for Speed: Rivals is dogshit, first of all. I don’t know how or why the NFS franchise fell from grace so hard, but this game is an exemplar of all the bad design decisions of recent titles. The racing physics are sloppy and unfun to start with, and nothing really feels fast like it should be. The second problem is that it has the crash physics from the Burnout games, which works out fantastic… in the Burnout games. Having my car crash from tapping a nearby fence post and then facing the wrong direction when I respawn is not fun. Also on top of the not-fun list is the absurd difficulty curve.

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