MIX: Massive Electronica x Hardcore Vol1 & Vol2

“A massive radio-style mix of Dubstep, House, Electro, Break, House, Hardstyle, Electronica, House, Digital Rock, House, Liquid, Trap, Break, Electro, DnB, Break, and Trap. In that order. Sort of. Mostly. Things to do while listening to this mix consist of level grinding your favorite JRPG, going on a road trip, and pretending that its still cool to listen to these songs that are mostly pre/early-2010 crap. THIS MIX IS OLD, OKAY?”

Download, share, and like, at house-mixes.com!

“Inspired by the likes of racing game soundtracks, the variation in genre is further expanded in the megamix as I include not only all sorts of electronic music, but I also throw metal, punk, and hard rock at you when you least expect it. Only you do expect it because I told you it will be there. And it’s in the tracklist. And you can tell where it is in the tracklist because they’re the metal-sounding band names in the tracklist. Play this with your favorite racing game for maximum effect. Just LOOK at these tags here.”

Download, share, and like, at house-mixes.com!



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