Sooperfriends Podcast, Episodes 11 & 12

Episode 11: Itchy Trigger
“In today’s fun filled episode we have more ridiculous superhero battles, tackle the longest list of social issues, talk about DLC and new releases dates all in the first 15 minutes! Later, VEGA initates a TGS flavored lighting round with a multitude of interruptions, L steals a couple of talking points, and CHET buys a happy meal. Also, this episode has over 9000 trigger warnings.”

Episode 12: Paranormal Pregnancies
“In this episode of the Sooper Friends Podcast, L challenges the future of VR technology, Chet brings up a few issues behind episodic content, and Vega jimmies all over the place while continuously making up words. We also forget all about proper nouns multiple times. Are you ready for a VR treadmill?”

~~We swear, it IS coming to iTunes!~~


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