Old Mixes Upload

Way back before I even had the “CHET” moniker, I was making mixes. Today, you can listen to three of my best old mixes from the early aughties. Check them out!

Hardstyle Oldies

A collection of old school (but not too too old school) hardstyle tracks from the late aughties. This is another old mix and unfotunately I lost the tracklist and can’t really be bothered to go find it.

Soooooo Last Decade!

Sure these beats were hot and fresh back when I made this mix a long time ago, but now they face the test of time. This mix stars off easy going with a couple of easy going electronica works before the digital rock songs break it up, then it’s electro from then on. Enjoy.

Internet Cafe

An mix of ambient songs as a selection I used to listen to while such award winning online classes like “Intro to Film” and “Poetry 101” Lot’s of reading while staring at a laptop in the library. Which isn’t an internet cafe at all is it?

As always, FREE DOWNLOAD with FREE ACCOUNT, only @ house-mixes.com!


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